Food and Beverage Industry

Gaskets and seals used for hygiene control

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The materials used in these industries need to be capable of preventing contamination and relies heavily on proven elastomers that meet all the requirements of food and drug regulations

  • SILICONE – Inert to bacteria, mould and fungi, great ozone and oxygen resistance, excellent heat resistance, cold flexibility and dielectric properties.
    Low surface energy meaning seals will not adhere to counterparts and are suitable for use in hot water, animal and plant fat and some lubricants and glycerine.
  • EPDM RUBBER - High resistance to chemicals, handles hot water and steam and excellent in most dairy applications.
  • NBR - ideal for meat and poultry processing because it performs well in animal and vegetable fats, good resistance to hydrocarbons and water.

We create seals and gaskets for a range of food and beverage applications, including

  • Food Machinery Manufacturers
  • Processed food delivery
  • Confectioners
  • Micro-Breweries
  • Drink Processing
  • Food Testing Labs
  • Conveyor Belting Equipment  


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